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Meditation Course: Connecting with the Sacred 5 Elements

We are spiritual creatures living a physical experience, then being that the case, we need to nurture this important aspect of ourselves. Often, however, we neglect this fact, because we link our capacity to be spiritual with being religious or going to Mass every Sunday, which is an inaccurate belief. The truth is that taking care of our spiritual side is key to keeping our mind, body, and heart in good health.

There are many ways to connect with our spiritual side, one of them is connecting with Nature, and this is what this workshop is about. This program is inspired by beautiful spiritual practices part of Bön Buddhism, where the five natural elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space) are powerful female entities that can be called upon when we feel lost, and in need of protection and healing.

According to this ancient knowledge, each element governs a different set of important human qualities that are necessary to keep our emotional and mental systems healthy and to live a happy, peaceful life. When we are unable to move forward due to our attitudes, decisions, or behaviors and we feel constant pain or discomfort, it is because there is an imbalance in our elemental energies, and doing nothing to change the situation we lose our vitality and our souls.

These spiritual practices are also known as “soul retrieval practices”, because, the fragmentation that our soul suffers due to the stress and pain experienced in our daily lives, is healed when we reconnect with ourselves at the most fundamental level, remembering that we are the sons and daughters of mother nature, and therefore her power and wisdom is also in us.

Session 1: The Mother Space Element – Openness
Session 2: The Earth Element – Groundedness
Session 3: The Water Element – Flow
Session 4: The Fire element – Creativity
Session 5: The Air element – Transformation
Session 6: The five elements – Retrieving the Soul

This program will run weekly every Monday at 6:00 pm via zoom.
Each session lasts 1 hour and includes theory and 30 min practice.

07th March 2022
14th March 2022
21st March 2022
28th March 2022
04th April 2022
11th April 2022

Price Course: AUD $120

Price Individual Session: AUD $25


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