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Mindful eating practices

Let’s start this year with the purpose of befriending our body, beyond weight issues and food restrictions. Let’s learn how to enjoy food mindfully, for a happy soul, a serene mind and a healthy body.

A recent scientific study has shown that mindful eating practices produce positive significant changes in psychological stress,eating behaviours and body weight [1].

During this workshop of 4 sessions we attempt to introduce practices of mindful eating to the daily life. During each meeting we will have a short talk about the 7 types of hunger, which will be followed by a meditation and inquiry.

A contribution of 25€  is required to cover the whole cost of the workshop: place, tea and cake.

Enrollment until:  15.01.17*
Info: hola@eqness.com
Cap: 12 pax (min. 5 pax)
Time: 5-6 pm

Yogamia – Sülz
Neuenhöfer Allee 82,
50935 Köln


*Previous registration is required


[1] Pilot study: Mindful Eating and Living (MEAL): Weight, eating behavior, and psychological outcomes associated with a mindfulness-based intervention for people with obesity. Dalen J. & col. (2013).

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