Mindful Eating program

We spend so much time searching around, asking and following tips from others, without realizing that many of the answers we need are inside us.

To get in contact or reinforce our relationship with the wisdom of our body, mindfulness practices are essential to be able to understand what our body is telling us in the present moment, without judgments, criticisms or characterizations of how things should be.

Using mindfulness in the context of eating is very useful because it gives us the opportunity to become aware of those unhealthy eating habits that minimize our quality of life. Thus, the goal of mindful eating practices is to help us fully reconnect with the joy of eating, using flexible eating behavioral patterns and avoiding restrictive behaviors because those are unsustainable.

About Our Mindful Eating Classes


Our mindful eating classes are based on the “Mindfulness-based Eating Awareness Training Program” designed by Prof. Jean Kristeller, a clinical and research psychologist with more than three decades of experience in the area of eating disorders and obesity.

Prof. Kristeller, combined mindfulness technique and science-based approaches related to body and mind self-regulation to develop the “Mindfulness-based Eating Awareness Training Program (MB-EAT)”. This course was designed aiming to teach people different skills that will lead them to re-structure their eating and activity patterns, recover the joy of eating while achieving a healthy weight.

You will learn techniques that will help you:

    • Develop a healthier relationship with yourself and with food 
  • Regulate the different triggers that lead you to over-eat Integrate knowledge about nutritional food values, exercise and body wisdom to achieve a balanced diet and healthy weight
  • Feel comfortable eating all type of foods, freeing yourself from calory anxiety
  • Establish a new, flexible, healthier and more sustainable mindset regarding nutritional patterns Identify what, when, how much food your body needs to stay fit and healthy


Structure of the Program (10+2 w)

The MB-EAT is a 10-week program open to all levels of mindfulness practice (there is not need of previous meditation experience). There are two extra follow up classes after the last session to support and assess the ongoing practice. During these classes, you will be learning guided mindfulness meditations, mindfulness techniques applied to eating, exercises and activities to help you explore further your relationship with food and your body. There will also be space for inquiries, self-reflection and experience sharing.

Intended Audience

If you are looking to change your eating patterns and to improve the relationship you have with your body this program is for you. This methodology has proven to be effective reducing stress-related eating, and have a positive impact in people with different dysfunctional eating patterns and obesity.

Important Notice

The methodology used during the MB-EAT program is not a clinical intervention or therapy and as such is not provided to replace medical procedures intended to treat eating disorders. In case of doubt, we ask you to please consult with the appropriate specialist or health care professional to make sure that this type of program is suitable for you.

More Information

For more information, about group classes or tailored one to one session, please send an email to hola@eqness.com