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New Year’s Resolutions

“A Love Letter to Chocolate Cake”

Scrumptious Hot Fudge Brownie from Hard Rock Cafe, topped with rich hot fudge sauce, vanilla ice cream, and a sprinkle of nuts, showcasing a delightful treat for mindful indulgence.
Scrumptious Hot Fudge Brownie from my last visit to Hard Rock Cafe, Sydney

As the New Year rolls in, many of us pen down resolutions with a common theme: losing weight, getting fitter, or staying healthy. It’s a season of renewed commitments to health and well-being. But who says it can’t include the joy of indulgence, especially in something as delightful as chocolate cake? Let’s explore how we can transform our eating habits in a way that is both joyful and effective, guiding us toward a healthier self.

Reflecting on the age-old advice of eating healthy often conjures images of salads and cucumbers. “Cucumbers?” My heart, belly, and mouth all scream in unison, “Chocolate!” From those days, one memory stands out vividly – the indulgence in a slice of Ruby Tuesday’s Chocolate Tall Cake.

Back then, I didn’t have the tools I know now. If only I had, each bite of that luxurious cake – layers of moist chocolate cake and mousse, delicious warm caramel and chocolate sauce, topped with creamy vanilla ice cream and little pieces of Oreo, yum – would have been a celebration of taste and texture, fitting perfectly into my New Year’s health goals.

Really? Let’s reflect on that phrase: fitting perfectly into my New Year’s health goals

But how can I eat healthily and still indulge in my love for chocolate? The answer lies in the beautiful practice of mindful eating, a journey that transformed my relationship with food, my body, and especially with my beloved chocolate cake or desserts in general, to be fully honest.

1. The Chocolate Cake Meditation

Had I known about mindful eating back in those days, each bite of Ruby Tuesday’s Chocolate Tall Cake would have been a celebration. Now, there are occasions when I meditate while eating my dessert, fully immersing myself in the experience and savoring the rich layers and the symphony of flavors, the textures, connecting with the colors, the aromas – a practice that heightens enjoyment and fosters a balanced relationship with food.

2. Tuning into My Body’s Symphony

Mindful eating taught me to listen to my body’s subtle cues of hunger and satisfaction. It’s about enjoying each bite mindfully, understanding when I’ve had just enough – a delightful balance between pleasure and nourishment.

3. Savoring Each Moment

I’ve learned the art of eating while being present, cherishing each mouthful. This isn’t just about pace; it’s about fully experiencing the joy of each bite, a habit that naturally helps in managing portions and enhancing the dining experience.

4. Immersed in the Experience

Whether alone or with loved ones, mindful eating is about being fully present. It’s about alternating connecting with the food and coming back to engaging with the company, seamlessly weaving between the joy of the dish and the warmth of the conversation. This balanced approach allows for a richer, more fulfilling experience.

5. Gratitude for Every Layer

Each layer of that cake, each moment shared with friends or savored in solitude, deserves appreciation. Starting each meal with gratitude enriches the experience, connecting us more deeply with our food and our companions.


Did You Know!

Mindful eating can transform our relationship with food at a neurological level. It rewires our brain’s response to cravings and food stimuli, promoting healthier eating habits.

As I write this, the memory of that chocolate cake, which I believe was discontinued, makes me want to eat one (but I think they were discontinued). This desire, however, is different now. It’s informed by my practice of mindful eating, which has taught me to appreciate such cravings not just as desires, but as connections to joyful experiences.

Today, I understand that indulging in such a treat can be a part of a balanced approach to eating – an approach that aligns with and supports our New Year’s resolutions of health and happiness.

Ok! That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed this story and if you’re intrigued by the idea of transforming your eating habits and rediscovering the pleasure in every bite, especially as you want to succeed on your New Year’s health resolution, get in touch with me, here.

Do you want to know more? 

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Ready to savor life, one mindful bite at a time?

Olga-Lucia enjoying a Matcha Shibuya Toast, a delightful Japanese dessert, featuring a crisp, buttery toast topped with matcha ice cream and sweet red bean paste, embodying the practice of mindful eating.
In search of the best matcha dessert

Olga-Lucía from EQness


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