Executive Coaching for Emotional Wellbeing

Executive Coaching for Emotional Wellbeing

At EQness at Work, we recognize that the wellbeing of you as a leader is crucial to your organization’s success.

Our coaching sessions are custom-designed to meet the individual needs of leaders and enhance their overall wellbeing. Rooted in evidence-based practices including emotional intelligence, mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and other dynamic methodologies, our strategies empower leaders to excel in both personal and professional realms.

Our Coaching Pillars:
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: Develop self-awareness and empathy to manage stress effectively and inspire your teams. Gain insights into the emotional dynamics of leadership.
  • Mindful Executive Practices: Utilize mindfulness to enhance focus, decision-making, and resilience, enabling peak performance without sacrificing well-being.
  • Personalized Wellbeing Strategies: Recognize that each leader’s needs are unique. We offer tailored support to address the specific emotional and mental health challenges faced by each executive.
Why Choose EQness?

We provide a sanctuary for leaders to strengthen their mental and emotional capacities, leading with clarity and compassion.

Our coaching is based on the latest psychological and neuroscience research, offering practical solutions that fit seamlessly into a busy schedule.

Designed for Success

Whether you are a leader seeking personal growth or an HR professional looking to invest in your team, EQness at Work coaching is essential for those who believe that robust emotional and mental health forms the foundation of professional success.

We are committed to fostering a sustainable, healthy leadership style that enhances personal wellbeing and drives organizational achievement.

Mindfulness in the Brain

Prioritize Your Leadership’s Emotional Health

If you are looking to enhance leadership wellbeing and foster a resilient, high-performing team, we invite you to connect with us. Our sessions are designed to be open, direct, and collaborative, offering practical tools and skills that help you understand and navigate your specific challenges to achieve desired outcomes.

We are based in Sydney, Australia, and provide both in-person and online sessions, ensuring flexibility and accessibility to meet your needs wherever you are.